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Our dedicated and loyal patrons without whom our cause would be lost.

Bridgett Alltop


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Yahzmine & Bryant Clayton

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Jeanne Dunn

Amy Eckenwiler

Kim Egan

Molli Ellis

Amy Matlock Emmert

Jeffrey Fabus

Arthur Feinsod

DiAndre Francis

Jill Fulton

Drew Hampton

Vincent Haseltine

Carly Holliday

Brian Kogut

Mary Kramer

Michael Lambert

Josh & Mercedes Land

Riley Leonard

Tammy & Karissa Jones-Miller

Cliff Lambert

Alex Larson

Davis Maho

Tresa Makosky

David Marcia

Jamie Rhodes

JR Robles

Jason Rome

Peighton JoAnn Rose

Isaiah Schmit

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Maverick Schmit

Carrie Schoffstall

Marta Shelton

Josie Smith

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Karen Sutherlin

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Morgan Vaclavik

Yolanda Valdivia

Sherri Wright


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All sponsorship and donations to Monument Theatre Company are made with the understanding that we will not be bought or sold. Sponsorship and donations are done so with the knowledge that you are supporting the way we operate and accept that demands will not be made of the Monument team nor will they be tolerated.