CUrrent season

Thursday, Aug 5th

Fonseca Theatre Company

Smart People

How much do you think you know? Our 2021-2022 season opener by Lydia R. Diamond is a smart, sexy, hilarious, and daring take on the human mind and our relationships - with ourselves and each other.

Thursday, Oct 21st

The District Theatre


The first world premiere of our season, Actualism is a story of faith, humanity and the way people respond to and heal from trauma. Playwright Matthew Sievers has delivered a beautiful and honest story for our times.

Performances TBA

Operating System

In the dark confines of a dorm room genius strikes the fateful trio of Thomas, Liz, and Simon. Witness the world premiere of Cherish Rhodes' riveting new play.

Performances TBA


Jailbird is the story of Eugene V. Debs' historic run for president from the confines of a Georgia prison cell. The Socialist labor leader's story has been all but forgotten - until now. Join us in solidarity with the Eugene V. Debs Foundation & Museum.

Performances TBA


Inspired by unbelievable true events, Elephant is a powerful story about race relations in the corporate world. Hilarious and intelligent, this is the long awaited world-premiere of Lewis Morrow's original new work.